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Watershield WSTWIN

Abstract Water

Water quality differs from area to area. Hardness from calcium and magnesium, iron, manganese, and even chlorine all change depending on your location and set of circumstances. So, why would you consider a "one design fits all" conditioning solution?

The Watershield WSTwin media bed can be designed for your particular needs. Your trained Watershield dealer will select from several media mixes to solve your conditioning needs. In addition to softening your water, these media mix options can also remove turbidity, tannins, iron and sulphur bacteria, and other unpleasant odors and tastes.

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Watershield offers a large selection of under sink reverse osmosis and drinking water systems. Enjoy great tasting water, crystalline clearer ice cubes, pristine rinsed fruit and vegetables, and quality water for your pets and aquarium. Pennies a gallon versus dollars a gallon for bottled water.


  • Never run out of soft, conditioned water

  • Your dishes will sparkle

  • Glassware and flatware will dry spot-free

  • Clean-up on countertops and sinks will be a breeze

  • Showers will have silky smooth clear rinsing water

  • Soaps and shampoos will provide great lather

  • Conditioned water revives hair color and leaves hair soft

  • Feel smoother and more refreshed after washing

  • No soap stains or residual buildup

  • Laundry will have brighter colors

  • Adds years to the life of your water heater

  • Reduce scale build-up

  • Improves appliance efficiency

  • Saves dramatically on the cost of cleaning supplies

  • Adds service life to water-using appliances

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