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Watershield 255

Water Filtration BG 6.jpg


With just two simple settings, your 255 Valve with the 460TC Clock control can be programmed to automatically initiate the regeneration of your water conditioning system, and save water with each regeneration.

  • The 255 valve uses substantially less water to regenerate the system.

  • Larger, stronger injector and screencaps seat positively for better operation.

  • Redesigned valve disks ensure positive seating and last longer.

  • New streamlined interior valve sections allow for better flow rates.

  • Positioning pins on a skipper wheel easily set regeneration frequency.

  • Time of day is easily set with a 24-hour digital timer.

  • Daily regenerations can be scheduled for up to 30 days, depending on the timer option selected.

  • An extra regeneration can be initiated manually.

  • Simple design and rugged construction ensure years of trouble-free performance.

  • An automatic backwash controller is incorporated right into the system.

  • An internal bypass automatically provides water while the system is being regenerated.

  • No moving parts in the water stream help to prevent fouling, especially in iron-bearing or other types of problem water.

  • Flapper-type valves are held closed by water pressure to ensure a leak-tight seal.

  • A unique, convenient separation feature allows the control module to be entirely removed from the valve by simply pulling out the locking bar.

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