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Affordable Water offers Water Treatment Systems, Water Purification, Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration, Water Softeners, Drinking Water Filters, and Bottled Water for the Palm Bay & Malabar area

Are you struggling with your home's water quality?

Investing in a water purification and water filtration system for your home or business may be the solution you've been looking for.

Here in the Palm Bay - Malabar area, a variety of factors can affect how water tastes and smells. That's why we test your water before we recommend how to treat it properly. Here are a few of the problems we commonly see and treat. Cloudy and smelly water, hard water, red rust or iron stains, chlorine taste and smell, with chemicals (VOCs, ... ) contaminated water. By filtering harmful contaminants, you'll enjoy cleaner, healthier water. Our water filtration systems offer many benefits, like an endless supply of better-tasting drinking water, elimination of harmful chemicals and contaminants and removal of odors like sulfur and chlorine.

Affordable Water is a full service water treatment company.

Along with the installation of whole house water filtration and purification systems Affordable Water provides water testing and analysis, service, and warranty service.

As a Watershield dealer and installer, we pride ourselves on delivering professional service that meets the high standards of the products we sell. Our area of expertise also includes designing filtration systems for residential water conditioning, commercial/industrial softening and filtration, reverse osmosis, iron/manganese removal systems. Affordable Water is your local source in the Palm Bay area for home and commercial water treatment systems.


Drinking Water

Call us for a free consultation at 321-427-0496

  • Rent to own financing available

  • Free water testing available

  • We serve Sebastian, Vero Beach, and Fort Pierce area

Our service area covers Palm Bay and Malabar area.

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