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Drinking Water Systems

Delicious, Sparkling, Clear, Drinking Water

Drinking water taste and quality have become of significant importance for most consumers. A recent National Association of Home Builders survey conducted by Better Homes and Gardens Magazine revealed that an installed drinking water system was the only home appliance among the "Top 5" kitchen features consumers want most.

Watershield offers a wide selection of filters and housings to solve most water quality issues. From whole house reverse osmosis, ultraviolet light, and microfiltration to under sink reverse osmosis systems and drinking water filters, Watershield has your solution.

Affordable Water offers many systems to suit your clean water needs. We even install Whole House Reverse Osmosis Systems!

Epro - 3000E-reverse osmosis water filtration and water purifier and conditioner system
Watershield Water Filtration Systems Certified Dealer
  • Carwash rinse water (for spot•lree shine

  • Laundries and cleaners

  • Food and beverage production & bottling

  • Pharmaceutical production/laboratories

  • Paint and assembly

  • Electronics fabrication

  • Boiler & cooling tower makeup water

  • Misting, humidification

  • Nurseries, greenhouses

  • Commercial printing

EPRO™ E - Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems for Residential and Commercial Applications

EPRO™ E systems are designed to maximize water purification efficiency and produce high-quality clean water from tap water or brackish water. After removing impurities, as bacteria and dissolved solids; dean water is supplied through existing taps (faucets) for use in residences and commercial applications.

Complete RO systems with efficient high-quality pumps, motors, and membranes for energy savings and low maintenance.

Up to 99.4% purification rate2 provides clean water and improved wash/rinse characteristics, reducing service cost of equipment and appliances by removing harmful chemicals and minerals.

Complete RO systems with efficient high-quality pumps, motors, and membranes for energy savings and low maintenance.

 Compact, preassembled design enables installation in under 2 hours, limiting start-up costs and space requirements.

Technical Specifications: 
  • Product flow rate: 1,200 to 3,000 GPOI

    • (5.7 to 11.36 ml/day) .

  • Purification rate: up to 99.4%2

  • Recovery rate: up to 40%3

  • Automatic feed/source water shutoff valve

  • Liquid-filled pressure gauges

  • Flow meters for product and discarded water

  • 5-micron sediment pre-filter

  • II0 V or 220 V phase 60Hz TEFC motor

Dimensions: (fully assembled)
  • W x D x H:  24" l8" x55"

  • (61 cm x 46cm x 140cm) 

  • Coldwater membranes

    • (when using cold water source)

  • 110/220 V 1 Phase 50Hz TEFC motor

* Warranty: One-year limited manufacturer's warranty on parts & labor

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