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Sediment Filter Change

  • Turn the water off to the house

  • Turn on a faucet to relieve pressure

  • Open sediment filter housing turning to the left

  • Remove filters and clean or replace

  • Make sure the o-ring is seated properly in the groove

  • Tighten sediment filter housing

  • Turn the water back on and check for leaks

How to add Chlorine Tabs to Chlorinator

  • Turn on the faucet in home

  • Turn water off to house

  • Loosen union on chlorinator turning to the left

  • Remove top of chlorinator

  • Put 10 tabs in center tube of chlorinator

  • Replace top of chlorinator and tighten turning to the right (hand tighten only)

  • Turn water back on to house and check for leaks

Caring for your Water Conditioner

  • Keep the salt tank at least 1/3 full at all times. If the salt is allowed to run out it will decrease the quality of your water. Check timer monthly and reset if needed,.

  • Do not water the lawn or fill your pool with treated water. There is normally an untreated spigot on top of the pump for that purpose.

  • You can use treated water for your car or boat. However, excessive use of treated water may affect your water quality. Normally all of the outside spigots are treated.

  • Do not use liquid fabric softener in your washer. Use dryer sheets only.

  • Keep your sand and sediment filter clean at all times. This filters out solid particles that can restrict the flow of water and decrease the life of your conditioner. The filter should be changed approximately every three months.

  • If you have an inline chlorine feeder, add 10-12 tabs each month. Never mix types of chlorine tabs (stabilized or unstabilized)

  • If you have a carbon filter it should be rebid every 12-18 months.

  • If your water conditioner contains tannin resin, you should add citric acid to keep the resin clean and prevent the buildup of minerals in the valve and drain line. 1lb of citric acid per 160lbs of salt. Pour directly on top of the salt.

  • It is not uncommon for the GFI outlet to trip. Please check the unit for power if you notice a decline in water quality and reset if necessary.

The Filtration Spectrum


Programming the 460TC Water Softener


Adjustment of Birne Control

Adjustment of Brine Control.jpg



Desinfection of Water Conditioners

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