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Watershield 460i

Water Filtration BG 6.jpg


The 460i electronic demand system is available as an option on automatic controls for water conditioner equipment. Retrofitting of existing water treatment installations is easily accomplished, and the cost is amortized over a short period of time by the homeowner in salt and water savings.

Special Features

  • Superior Design: Fewer parts

  • Single synchronous electric motor

  • 460i timer utilizes a microprocessor

  • Electrical wiring is factory assembled

  • System indexes manually with or without power

  • No dynamic seals - Automatic drain flow controller

  • Memory Retention: Data is saved in the event of a power outage

  • Self-Adjusting Reserve: The microprocessor adjusts the reserve according to usage

  • High Water Usage: 460i is programmed to react to a sudden increase in water usage

  • Low or No Water Usage: Programmed to recognize and ignore abnormal days of low or no water usage

  • Design Reliability: Solid-state electronics assure many years of trouble-free performance

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