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Watershield 9100 Twin Tank Water Softener

Watershield Water Softener 9100This Twin tank water softener has two resin tanks and a separate salt/brine tank. Twin tank units are always metered (demand), using an electro-mechanical metering system. Electro-mechanical metered water softeners measure water consumption with a turbine that turns as your water is used. The Twin tank system always has a fully regenerated tank available on standby, and deliver uninterrupted 24 hour supply of softened water. During regeneration, water is first passed thru the online tank before entering the tank undergoing regeneration - regeneration using this pre-treated water helps clean the system and extends the water softener lifetime.

A water softener will improve your quality of life and save you money. Mineral build-up caused by un-softened water will no longer occur on pipes, fixtures and equipment.


    • Better Tasting Food & Beverages
    • Save Money on Detergents, Soaps & Conditioners
    • Extend the Life of Pipes and Fixtures
    • Skin & Hair Will Feel Softer & Cleaner
    • Cleaner Clothes

Twin tank water softener