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Watershield Big Pump

Premium Grade Reverse Osmosis System

Classic 3-Stage Features:

• Compact design, great for undersink installation.
• High performance production utilizing a 36 gallon per day T.F.C. membrane.
• Quality components. No knockoff parts found on other R.O. systems.
• High purity acid-washed activated carbon block filters with superior dirt holding capacity and absence of carbon fines.
• Assembled in America.

3 Stages for Great Tasting Drinking Water

Stage 1: Prefiltration Carbon Filter. Premium Grade Reverse Osmosis System
A sediment and activated carbon block filter removes physical particles such as silt and sediment as well as chemicals such as chlorine.

Stage 2: Reverse Osmosis Membrane.
The thin film composite membrane reduces up to 98% of dissolved mineral salts, metals, and other contaminants in your drinking water.

Stage 3: Post Filtration Polishing Filter.
A final stage process through an activated carbon block filter to remove unwanted tastes and odors.
Provides that final polish to deliver sparkling clean water.

• Pure, clear, and great tasting water
• Crystalline, harder, clearer ice cubes
• Pristine, clean rinsed fresh fruits and vegetables
• Quality water for your coffee and tea
• Pure water rinses provide spotless glassware
• Great for your pets and aquariums

• Fresh, clean water ready at your tap
• Outstanding water pressure from your faucet. Fills a water pitcher in seconds
• No deliveries to schedule
• No trips to the store

Economic Benefits

• Pennies-a-gallon for pure, clean water vs. dollars-a-gallon for bottled water
• Efficient non-electric pump provides the water pressure your icemaker nees

Premium Grade Reverse Osmosis System