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Watershield Gold Iron Block System

Eliminate your hardness and iron problems

iron blockA complete solution to eliminate hardness and rust staining, and provide silky smooth clear rinsing water.

No harsh chemicals and oxidizers are needed for the Watershield Gold IronBlock system to provide clean softened water through your household. This advanced single system replaces the expensive multiple tank solutions with high maintenance chemical pumps, dangerous oxidizing chemicals, and large unsightly contact tanks.

The environmentally friendly Watershield Gold IronBlock system control monitors water usage and regenerates only when necessary, conserving water and salt, and lowering chloride discharge compared to conventional time clock softeners.

Robust flow rates of up to 27 gallons per minute of conditioned water are available from the Watershield Gold IronBlock system. Providing for the soft, refined water demands of today's larger homes.

Soften your water and remove iron with a single system.

    Softer clothes, smoother skin, and longer appliance life

    No harsh chemicals

    Clean, refreshing water

    No yellow water and rust stains


The benefits of conditioned water